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 Apply for Staff!

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PostSubject: Apply for Staff!   Apply for Staff! EmptyThu Oct 06, 2011 6:44 pm

Staff Applications

Apply for staff; you can post here or pm me with your application. Only active members are allowed- meaning you have to be online and have at least one RP post a day. It's understandable if you haven't been modded- but otherwise, we'll only choose from the 'best'.

Here's the template of what your application should look like:


What position you want: (Moderator, or Administrator's Assistant)
Why you want it:
How often you're active:
Prior experience?:
RP Example:
Other notes:

For RP example, it should be an example of your usual post- not a training thread, or anything of the like.

FYI, 'administrator's assistant' is not an actual group. Assistants are placed in the same group as moderators- but they're more commonly asked by an administrator for help. They do not have any more power than a moderator, although if there's ever a vote for admin promotions - they're the first in line.
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Apply for Staff!
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