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PostSubject: Board Rules   Board Rules EmptyMon Sep 12, 2011 11:43 am

Board Rules Please10

Board Rules

To start off, let me point out that reading the rules is not optional. It's a requirement. Of course, there's no way I can get in your head and know for a fact that you've read the rules, without actually quizzing every single member that joins- which is pretty much impossible. So, I'll just say that if you don't read, and end up breaking a rule by accident... Accept your punishment maturely and rationally.

Basically, everything is the same as PokèEMBLEM's COC and Zetaboard's TOS. With a few exceptions, of course.

I. In regards to RP-

Members are not required to Role-Play. People are free to come and go as they please, but we do ask that you post in the forums at least once every two months; or your account will be considered inactive, therefore deleted.

II. Advertising.

We have a few things in regards to advertising that members and guests should keep in mind. We do have an advertisements forum- but only members can post in it. As stated in PokèEMBLEM's COC however, links are limited to other RPG sites- that are completely unrelated to any content that might violate our own COC and Zetaboard's TOS. Only members with 20 RP posts can advertise their site(s) on our board. Affiliation requests can only be presented by members with at least 30 RP posts.

III. Bumping.

Do not bump topics older than 1 month unless you are updating, contributing, or reviving the topic with permission.

Generally inactive topics are moved to the forum basket within a certain amount of time- but there are cases in which said topic(s) might have gone overlooked by one of our board's moderators. If you're interested in reviving a topic, contact a staff member, and state which staff member gave you permission to do so [in your post]. Breaking this rule generally results in a verbal warning. After the second or third violation, the consequences become more severe; usually ending up as a temporary three day, or week long ban from the board. This does not include the c-box.

-Double and Triple posting

Double posting usually results in a verbal warning, and is overlooked so long as you have a legitimate reason as to why you couldn't use the "EDIT" button. If it's seen that a member is double posting excessively without a valid reason however, then it can result in a loss of posting privileges for a given period of time. Triple posting is temp-ban worthy, no matter the reason behind it.

IV. Alternate Accounts

Members who have multiple characters are allowed to have *multiple accounts (for each specific character) in accordance. However, If you weren't banned and attempt to make new accounts without legitimate permission from a staff member and a valid reason, the new account will be deleted and your main account will be temporarily banned from the board on each occasion.

*See RPG Rules and Guidelines, "Second character"

IIV. Staff Positions

Do not request a staff position. It's annoying, and it's even more annoying when members complain that we're being elitist. [s]Even though that's exactly what we are.[/s] We, the staff, will *recruit other staff, if we consider them worthy candidates. Only the best of the best, and the most trustworthy of our members are chosen. Of course, those who are offered a staff position are free to reject the proposal, if they don't have the time, or just plain don't want it.

* This only refers to board administrators and moderators. RPG moderators are selected through sign ups. See [url]Staff Applications[/url] if you're interested in being an RPG moderator.

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Board Rules
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