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 Class List & Rules (WIP)

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Class List & Rules (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Class List & Rules (WIP)   Class List & Rules (WIP) EmptyMon Sep 12, 2011 12:27 pm

Granted, everyone wants a little bit of everything. But there should be a little challenge to that, right? Members have option to cross-class after hitting 500 posts. They can continue to add classes every 500: so somebody with 1500 posts can have a Trainer/Coordinator/Collector RPC, regardless of their IC experience. This does not have to be RP posts - we want to encourage forum activity, RP and otherwise.

First off, let's go over what each class does or can do.



"A Pokémon Trainer (Japanese: ポケモントレーナー Pokémon Trainer) is a person who catches, trains, cares for and battles with Pokémon. The majority of people within the known Pokémon world are Trainers." Trainers can participate in gym battles. They cannot participate in pokèmon contests. They cannot breed pokèmon.


"A Pokémon Coordinator is someone who raises Pokémon to compete in Pokémon Contests.

They raise their Pokémon much like Pokémon Trainers do, although with much more emphasis on beauty and appearances since they are major factors when it comes to points in Contests." Coordinators can participate in pokèmon contests. They cannot participate in gym battles. They cannot breed pokèmon.


Collectors focus solely on finding and, of course, collecting rare items and/or pokèmon. They can choose to sell said items or creatures for a tidy profit, or can choose to simply keep them around to show them off. Collectors get a 2x bonus in regards to finding the pokèmon or item they're looking for. In other words, if a trainer were to look for a rare pokèmon such as Gyarados, they would take about 10 pages to find it. A collector on the other hand, would find it in 5 pages. Same for shiny. A normal trainer would take at least 16 pages to find a (common) shiny, whereas a collector would take only 8. Collectors get the same bonus for breeding, should they choose to select 'Breeder' as their second class choice. Collectors cannot participate in gym battles or contests. They cannot breed pokèmon.


A breeder is someone who focuses entirely on the breeding, hatching, and caretaking of pokèmon and their eggs. Their goal tends to be the creation of the 'ultimate,' or even 'perfect' pokèmon. They cannot participate in gym battles or contests.


Researcher - (Professor in-training)

Researchers are special cases. There's no actual class for researchers, but a Pokèmon Professor (NPC or otherwise) has the option to take in a member from any other class as their assistant; a pokèmon researcher. So long as the assistant does their job quickly and accurately, then they get multiple benefits, including a wage and various prizes depending on which missions they carry out properly. Researchers can eventually become pokèmon professors after a certain amount of time and missions completed. (It is ultimately left up for the staff to decide, however. Becoming a professor means an automatic promotion to RPG moderator, if you weren't one already.)


Pokèmon Rangers are a variant of the trainer class. "...primarily concerned with protecting wild Pokémon, keeping the environment safe, and making sure travelers do not get injured or lost when walking through the wilderness.." They do not use stylers to catch pokèmon. Any references made to Pokèmon Ranger, the game, are strictly prohibited IC

Type Specialist

A trainer who specializes in a certain type of pokèmon. They generally only have one type of pokèmon in their party; ghost, fire, water, dragon, etc. These trainers get an advantage with the type they specialize in, but are weaker when using Pokèmon of a different type.

Elite Trainer

Elite trainers are chosen from the best of the best. Trainers are only eligible for this title after having won at least 8 gym badges [from any region]. After fulfilling that requirement, trainers must contact an administrator and request the title.

Master Trainer

Master trainers are some of the most powerful. Trainers are only eligible for this title after having defeated at least 1 champion from any of the regions.

Legendary Trainer

Only a trainer who has defeated at least 2 champions is eligible for this title.

World Champion

Only a trainer who has defeated all of Pokèmon AMEN's champions may apply for this title.

Skilled Coordinator

Coordinators may only receive this title after having won at least 8 ribbons. [From any region]

Famous Coordinator

Coordinators are only eligible for this title after having one at least one Grand Festival.

Mythical Coordinator

Win at least 2 Grand Festivals.

Legendary Coordinator

Win a Grand Festival at least once, per region.

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Class List & Rules (WIP)
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